NEW PC / SERVER: sourcepath, document all registry changes in c:\registry.txt, anti virus, disable shutdown tracker, java VM, .NET framework, IE settings, firefox, PDF creator, process explorer (as hidden?), enable remote control, resource kit utilities / support tools, explorer settings - show extensions & hidden files, IE settings - limit temp file size, auto sort desktop, c:\config.txt and link to desktop,

NEW SERVER GROUP POLICY: IE delete cache files on logout:  default domain policy, computer, administrative templates, windows components, internet explorer, internet control panel, advanced, empty temporary internet files when browser is closed = ENABLED

EXCHANGE (standard): raise 16GB limit,

UTILITIES: 2003 resource kit, XP resource kit, group policy management console, qchain (install multiple updates with one reboot), newSID, microsoft memory tester, startup inspector, remove hotfix files, undelete, track all system changes of a program install, NTFS hardlinks, process viewer (process info such as dll's), oph crack, password reset, bartPE, drive cloner / backup, crack terminal server password, wireshark,


PORTS: Ports windows uses, Restrict AD to specific portsconfigure RPC dynamic port allocation for firewalls, how to configure a firewall like swiss cheese for domains and trusts

MISC: install windows to different folder, assign a VSS backup a drive letter,

TROUBLESHOOTING: group policygroup policy (from MS), group policy (from blog), (group policy management console - see above)

REGISTRY TWEEKS: sourcepath,

BLOGS / SITES: Terminal services, exchange, group policy (with powershell stuff!), power shell, clustering and exchange,